Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to set up a maven project with Neo4j in Eclipse

Hi all,
repeatedly there are questions on how to set up Neo4j with Eclipse and the Maven integration for it .

Here is the short version:

First, choose to create a new maven project:

Second, choose the default maven quickstart archetype for it:
Now, after choosing a package namespace and project artifact id, wait for the project to created and go to the dependency tab of the pom.xml. Here, add the relevant neo4j dependency by searching for "neo4j":
Finally, after saving the pom.xml, you should see all the imported and mounted dependencies in your project:
Here you go, happy hacking!

Special thanks to Mahdi Negahi for bringing this up

/peter neubauer


MyDeals said...

If you want to expose the embedded server over web-admin


for unit testing and using ImpermanentGraphDatabase


Java Neo4j learner said...

This is what I was looking for. setting up maven project with Neo4j was pain, often results in unresolved dependencies or some other issues.Step by Step tutorial certainly helps. but some explanation would have been great.

Peter Neubauer said...

Sorry for being short, I was in a hurry :)

Java Tutorials Blog said...

hey man, I having issues when trying to follow above steps. could you provide some link to a project on your end as zip file.